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  • Correlation in Media Coverage of Sports and the Acceptance of Violence by Spectators and Competitors

Correlation in Media Coverage of Sports and the Acceptance of Violence by Spectators and Competitors

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Hard checks, high-impact hits, rough blows, knockouts, crushing tackles; some violence occurs naturally in some sports. Those naturally violent sports (e.g., football, hockey, soccer, wrestling, and boxing) with all that aggression and violence excites audiences and enhance enjoyment. However, aggression and violence in sporting competitions are clearly becoming an issue. Destructive aggression is often deliberate and frequently encouraged by coaches, spectators, and teammates. This aggression in becoming increasing accepted by the public and ever popular in today’s sporting events. Michael Strahan a player in the NFL said in 2007 that, “It’s the most perfect feeling in the world to know you’ve hit a guy just right, that you’ve

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However, whether talking about bull fighting in ancient times or today’s popular NFL, violence in sports is still as entertaining to fans today as it was back in ancient times.
Current Sports Violence in News
Research suggest that perception, enjoyment and even participation in the violence surrounding sport events is further influenced by media hype. In addition, violence and aggression by fans and players has increasingly become an issue of concern. Recently, in the news, NBA’s Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart was suspended for three games after shoving a Texas Tech fan for allegedly yelling racial slurs during the game. The fan did apologize for inappropriate behavior stating, “I regret calling Mr. Smart a ‘piece of crap’ but I want to make it known that I did not use a racial slur of any kind.” Officials consequently suspended Smart for “inappropriate conduct with a spectator” (Writer, 2014). The fan voluntarily agreed not to attend anymore Texas Tech home or away games. In this case, a combination of both player and fan aggression in one occurrence is witnessed. “Violence in sports is at times encouraged and at times prohibited, frequently herald but likewise frequently punished” (Raney & Depalma, 2006). Spectator’s and the public seem to thrive

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