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Class of the Heroes

Submitted by



Role Playing Game / RPG

6.28 MB

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May 9, 2013
Oct 26, 2013



This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

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Pau006 presents
Class of the Heroes

Created by Pau006

Map Info:

This map is based(Not 100% based) on the MMORPG Game here in the Philippines,
Ran Online / BabyRan Online.


You can Exchange your gold to Game Points, to buy Special Items…

You can also upgrade your weapons up to +7 !
Some weapons (Epic weapons) can only be upgrade to +5.

1000 Gold = 100 Game Points.
4000 Gold = 400 Game Points.
6000 Gold = 600 Game Points.
10000 Gold = 1000 Game Points.

You can find a Secret Shop that sells Ring somewhere in the map, to make your character Powerful or "IMBA (ImBalance)" .

The Maximum Level is 50 !

You can choose any class you want !

There are Four Classes.

Classes Description:

Archer Class – With the power of their bow and arrow, the archers targets their enemies from a long hunting spot. They are the "novice lurers" because they can attack their enemies using some long distance skills.

Brawler Class – Brawlers can choose to minor in Fist Strikes, where they learn to channel their kinetic energy into lightning-quick pugilistic attacks. These Brawling students who focus on hand speed tend to rely on the violent volume of their rapid-fire, two-fisted strikes to knock out their opponents. In contrast, Brawlers who minor in Kick Strikes concentrate on their kicking power, which may be slower and more deliberate, but deal more damage. For these Brawlers, one spinning leg strike, delivered with powerful precision, is often all they need to end a fight.

Shaman Class – The fusion between martial arts and Qi– the energy that flows through and around the human body, physically and psychically— is a difficult idea to comprehend for outsiders to the practice of Shaman, but for those students who choose this course, this much they know: one cannot exist without the other. The most powerful martial arts are driven by Zen-like spirituality and the most powerful magic effected only through flawless physical execution.

Sword Class – By honing their agility, some Swordsmen choose to minor in Swords, using these lighter, shorter weapons to create a higher defense radius for themselves, where they can thrust and parry with ease and flow, even as they sacrifice low base damage. Some Swordsmen, on the other hand, choose to minor in Blades. This minor limits their defensive abilities but also multiplies their offensive output, so that when an opponent does meet the end of their blade, the blow is swift, clean, and most of all, final.

Extreme Class – Has the power of Archer, Brawler, Shaman and Swordsman.

Gunner Class – Coming Soon …

Assasin Class – Coming Soon …

Screenshots and Videos:

Classes Screenshots
Image Description:
Archer Class


Image Description:
Brawler Class


Image Description:
Shaman Class


Image Description:
Sword Class


Image Description:
Extreme Class


Gameplay Screenshots





Change Log
Version 1
Added new Tiles and Environments.

Game modes:

(Only Player 1 (Red) can activate this Game Modes)
-ExpTime ( Experience drop rate change to 200% )
-Easy ( Easy Mode, Adds 50,000 Gold )
-Medium ( Hard Mode, Starting Gold = 1000, Starting Game Points = 100 )
-Hard (EXP Rate Drop = 75%, Starting Gold = 1000, Starting Game Points = 100 )

The maps file size is now Smaller.

I Fixed the typo:
Eplosive Strike – Explosive Strike

The Hero description of Shaman Extreme Class:

"A mysterious and powerful magician that can learn; Magma Explosion, Soul Toaster,
Hexagrams Radiation and Judgement of Thunder."


"A mysterious and powerful magician that can learn; Magma Explosion, Soul Soul Burning, Divine Punishment and Lightning Bolt."

The Buff Description of the Ability Divine Punishment:

"Hexagrams Radiation"
"This unit has been hit by Hexagrams Radiation; its movement speed is reduced."


"Divine Punishment"
"This unit has been hit by Divine Punishment; its movement speed is reduced."

Version 1.1

– New Items:
* Black Knife Ganil
* Special Phoenix Staff
* Emergency Locker Card

– New Modes:
* -ms
* -return

– New Characters:
* Intelligence – Support (Shaman Class)
*Intelligence – Attack (Shaman Class)

– New Skills:
* Vibra Blast (Shaman Class)
* EM Field (Shaman Class)
* Haste (Shaman Class)
*Absolute Zero (Shaman Class)

– Animations on NPC
– Sword Attachment on Extreme Swordsman is now bigger.


– EXP Times EXP Drop Rate from 400% changed to 200%
– Model of Strength (Archer Class).
– The Spells; "Jumping Slash (Extreme Class)" , "Lightning Sword" , "Flaming Arrow Rain" , "Chain Kick" and "Death Blow Kick" will not damage any nearby friendly units.
– The color effects of the Abilities; "Aegis of Blessing" , "Aegis of Evasion" , "Aegis of Haste" and "Aegis of Precision" is now Pink (Blue on the Previous Version).
– Special Effects on some spells are now improved.

– Format of Classes Descriptions
xxxxxxxxxxxxx can learn: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, and xxxxx.


xxxx, xxxx, xxxx and

Version 1.2

– Maximum Players are now 5.


– Player 1 is now Blue.
– Some of the Game Modes has been Changed:
* The Player 1 is now Blue.
* (Only Player 1 (Blue) can activate this Game Modes)
* -Easy ( Easy Mode, Adds 25,000 Gold and Enemy units Life is Less 25% )
* -Hard (EXP Rate Drop = 75%, Starting Gold = 1000, Starting Game Points = 100, Enemy units Life is 50% more. )

– The Maximum Player is now 5.
– The Lag when you buy a weapon has been fixed.
– The Weapons will now drop if you give it to other Class.
(It vanishes on the Previous version)

Version 1.3

– Camera Locks on Hero or Emergency Locker.
– New Skills:
* Breath of Life
* Demon Palm
* Red Dragon Flame


– Intelligence – Brawler Class Model and Icon has been changed.
– Intelligence – Sword Class Icon has been changed.
– Some of the Spells has been improved.
– Boss Conversation Events has been changed.
– The Message when trying to exceed an Upgrade of Weapons has been improved and does not Leak anymore.

Version 1.4

– Using EXP Time on Medium and Hard Mode has been Fixed.
– EXP Time can be used only in Easy Mode.
– The misspelled word "dosent" has been changed.


Thanks to:

Alternative Cooldown Indicator and HQ Treasure Chest
By HammerFist132

Blood Elf Sorceress
( I used it on Intelligence – Shaman Class )
by Sindorei300

Spearman v7
( I used it on Strength – Shaman Class )
By Arisaitou

High Elf Chronomancer
( I used it on Shaman – Extreme Class )
By debode

Swordsman, War Fang and Masamune / Spinning Masamune Missile
( I used the model and the Swords Attachment on Swordsman – Extreme Class )
( I used the Spinning Masamune Missile, on the Megatron Ability )
By Kitabatake

( I used it on Swordsman – Extreme Class )
By Dan van Ohllus

( I used it on Intelligence – Brawler Class )
By graystuff111

Villager 255 Animations
( I edited some of the Animations , I used it on all Brawler Class and Etherial Fist )
By Graber

( I used it on Strength – Archer Class )
By HappyTauren

Ice Slam
( I used it on the Ice Crack Ability )
By valkemiere

Guardian Wisp
( I used it on the Ability Aegis of Blessing, Aegis of Evasion, Aegis of Haste and Aegis of Precision )
By JesusHipster

Fireworks Dragon Head
( I used it on the Ability; Red Dragon Flame )
By Jhonny Janbo

( I used it on the Ability; Light Pierce )
By nGy

Orbital Ray
( I used it on the Ability; Demon Palm )
By Callahan

Empyrean Sigil
( I used it on the Dance of Death Ability )
By JetFangInferno

Ethereal Phoenix
( I used it on the Wrath of the Phoenix Ability )
by Judash137

Meteor Strike
( I used it on the Meteor Smash Ability and Mars Burst Ability )

Fall in Love (Buff / Effect)
( I used it on the Lover Heart Item )
By Dan van Ohllus

Shadow Assault
( I used it on the Madness Blow Ability )
By UgoUgo

Advanced White and Metal Pauldrons / Improved White and Metal Pauldrons
( I used it on the God of Wars Helmet Item )
By Astaroth Zion

Shivas Wings
( I used it on the item, Special Angel Coat )
By JetFangInferno

Thanks to Hell_Master for giving some tips on Terrain editing.

Authors notes:

I created this Map cause I really Like the Game, Ran Online. :)
The Map date is April 20, 2013 – May 05, 2013.
Im going to change the Gameplay when I add the Gunner Class.

Tell me if you found any Bugs. :D

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description – Templates

Class of the Heroes, Ran Online, Ran, Online, Class, of, the, Heroes



19:38, 10th May 2013
Orcnet: Hell_Master’s review:

Read full review…



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[RAN] New CP and Extreme Class Skills Date : 21-07-2010

A) All Class CP skill

Brand new CP Skill system. For normal class the CP skill will be same for all, but for extreme class each job has their very own CP Skill!!!

CP Skill Features :

1.        CP Skill learning does not consume ‘ Skill Point ‘

2.        CP Skill books are available at each class NPC accordingly. For extreme class, please purchase from ‘ NPC Chui Yin Xi ‘ at Market Place.

3.        Delay duration of CP Skill is longer than normal skill.

4.        Average damage deal by CP skills is higher compare to general skills.

5.        CP skills only can be cast while there is CP point available. CP points can be gain by farming monsters(gain greatly), PVP or PK periods(gain sightly). Part of the monsters won’t be able to give CP points.

6.        Changing Map, re-log or disconnected from game will result CP meter reset.




B) Extreme Class Transformation

Extreme class transformation divides into 4 parts : reinforce of exist buff skill, brand new buff skill, shifting weapon shortcut key ‘Tab’ and weapon change according to skill cast.

Reinforce of Turo N-knight, One Dip-eye and OpSea current buff skills, Skill level increase to level 8 and level 9, cool-down time reduce,skill duration increase. Focus and Magnetic Shaft duration will be extended.

For every job in extreme class will have 3 new buff skills each. These new skills book can be found at Leonine Campus 3F/B1/B2, Carpark 1 /2,Trading Hole,Root Hole, Prison Test Zone,and Head.B. No skill point is consume for learning or upgrading these skills, upon switching weapon all buff skill will be reset.

Skill keys shift along with weapon change! As before settings by pressing ‘ Tab’ key will enable extreme class player shift between 2 weapon current equip. Now enhancement on this setting that skill slot will change while weapon are change. For skill slot F1 and F2 will be corresponding with Weapon A and for skill slot F3 and F4 will be corresponding with weapon B.
Example : Extreme Class player A equip weapon A (Bow) and weapon B (Gauntlet). He arrange his archer skills at F1 and F2 skill slot while his brawler skill at F3 and F4 skill slot. While pressing ‘Tab’ for shifting Bow to Gauntlet, his skill slot change according from F1 to F3 and cast skill immediately.

Weapon change according skill cast! For an extreme class player who equip bow and gauntlet, if skills are arrange in the skill slots are 1.Sonic slash 2. Arrow of Armageddon 3. Tai Chi while the player activate Sonic slash and following by Arrow of Armageddon the player’s weapon will shift automatically from Gauntlet to Bow. And right after skill Arrow of Armageddon the player cast Tai Chi, his weapon will change from bow back to gauntlet right at the moment the skill is activate.

Note: myRosso reserves the right to terminate/ change or/and amend any details of the content. Kindly refer to RAN Online website for latest updates.


For more information, please click http://ran.myrosso.com/en/announce_100721_skill.asp

Best regards,
myRosso Teams