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    Comparison and Contrast – dogs and cats

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                 When wondering whether you want to get a dog or cat as a pet, you should first ask yourself: “Why would I possibly want to get either in the first place?” Trust me, some night when you’re fast asleep having a pleasant dream, your dog sleeping peacefully by your side, the cat will waltz up onto your bed and plant its hindquarters firmly on your face. To this you may naturally awake with a start, causing the cat to leap painfully off your face and tear off out of the room at full throttle. The dog will then, of course, also wake up, emit piercing barks and then go chasing off after the cat.
    As for grooming, cats are clearly better at self-cleaning than dogs. They will spend a large percentage of their waking hours tongue-bathing themselves and picking large clumps of debris out of their fur. Unfortunately, having a luxurious, pristine cat means sopping wet hairballs lurking in unexpected places, like your shoes, for example. Dogs, while also very meticulous about grooming, are really only concerned with cleaning a single portion of their anatomy, which shall remain nameless.
    Another contrast between cats and dogs is in the types of foods they refuse to eat. Dogs will eat just about anything. They are equal-opportunity eaters. Dog food, cat food, cats, meat-flavored plastic, grass- the list goes on and on. Cats are more finicky. The cat food you see in commercials that cats seem so fascinated by will often go uneaten for days, until a dog wanders by and inhales it. Most cats would much prefer to forage for their own food, which happens to be whatever they can sink their claws into that’s alive and can feel pain. They will then torment the poor critter for hours and subsequently devour its entrails on your bathroom floor. Whatever is left uneaten will be consumed by the dog if not promptly disposed of.
    Dogs have to be housebroken. It’s fairly simple to know when the d

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    There comes a time in most people’s life when they decide to get a pet. Many people prefer to get an exotic animal such a snake, a bird, or a rodent. Most people, however, decide to get a four-legged animal: cats and dogs. Although dogs and cats have some characteristics in common, these animals are very different because they have different attitudes, needs, and habit Understanding these differences will help people choose which of these two animals would be best pets for them.

    Both cats and dogs provide their owner with companionship, and affection, but they also can damage their expenses because cats and dogs are both an expense. Shots and veterinary care are necessary in order to keep them healthy. Cats similar to dogs get bored, and therefore they need toys to keep them occupied. If you give them all the possible attention, they will be great animals.

    In spite of dogs and cats are not easy to take care of. They are very different animals, so people should know these differences.

    Dogs will provide unwavering love, loyalty, and a lot of protection. They will not question people’s authority, and they can be trained to do exactly as they are told, so they are more playful and active like cats. For example, dogs always greet their owners when they come home, and they never leave owner in bad situations. Dogs are strong animals, so they participate in games, but cats just let it happen around it. Also dogs are social animals that need communication, while cats are independent, and do not need it. Therefore dogs are very active animals that can help people to do many kinds of things like exercise, play a game, and so on.

    Cats have totally different character. They are more sweets, and quiet than dogs. Fir instance, cats do not need a walk; in comparison to dogs because no matter if it is cold, it is midnight, dogs always need a walk. Cats prefer to stay home with their owner, and when they are happy, or hungry the only thing that they do is to purr. So many people think that having cats are more easy to take care of instead of dogs because they are more independent.

    Thus, it is extremely important to know that cats have some qualities in comparison to dogs, but dogs have some qualities in comparison to cats, so people have to choose a pet according to their preferences and their character because these two animals have an attitude for each person.


    1. Milagros Judith December 19, 2011 at 9:14 PM

      Well,i think the kind of introduction this essay has is funnel and it has seven sentences, its thesis statement is placed at the end of the paragraph. This esssay use block organization, of course it has a transition paragraph which connects the similarities with the differences. In the body there are three paragraphs. Regardless to the supporting details, it used some examples and facts.When i read i don’t find any kind of sentence which was out the topic, obviously it has coherence and unity.I also find some transition signals such as in spite of, so , because, but, however, therefore and so on. Finally, the kind of conclusion this essay is paraphrase of the thesis statement, but he didn’t make any final comment. In my opinion, i really liked Karina’s essay since it was clear and interesting.

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    2. karina December 20, 2011 at 11:03 AM

      Iuse comparison/ contrast essay, and it has all three parts, introduction,body, and conclution. My introduction is funnel, and it ends with a thesis statement. The body has 3 paragraphs and a transition praragraph that connect both similarities and differences. In addition, my essay has unity and coherence because I use examples that are not out of the topic, so I use many transition signals finally my conclution summarize the main point of my essay. I really love animals, so that is why I wrote about pets.

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    3. Antonio Rios December 22, 2011 at 9:20 AM

      See these sites:

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